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OPG KaVo OP 3D panoramic X-ray unit orthopantomograph, diagnostic monitor Eizo RadiForce MX216, imaging plate scanner KaVo Scan eXam One, used from 2020

    1. OPG KaVo OP 3D panoramic X-ray unit

    Type: OP 3D
    Manufacturer: KaVo Dental GmbH, 88400 Biberach Germany
    Year of construction: 2020
    Purchase date according to invoice: 14/09/2020

    Technical data

    • Image detector: CMOS
    • Image voxel size: 80-400 ?m
    • Tube voltage: 95 kV
    • Tube current: 2-12.5 mA
    • Scan time: 10-20 s
    • Volume sizes (H x Ø): 5 x 5, 6 x 9, 9 x 11


    • Wortmann Terra X-ray PC incl. mouse and keyboard
    • Eizo RadiForce MX216 diagnostic monitor
    • Test specimen 2D
    • Test specimen 3D

    2. KaVo Dexis Scan eXam One image plate scanner X-ray scanner digital X-ray

    Manufacturer: KaVo / EH Germany GmbH (DEXIS), Germany
    Country of manufacture: Finland
    Year of manufacture: 08/2020

    Image plate scanner with front operation. Display of patient name and recording station ID on the display. Flexible and reusable imaging plates enable a simple and fast workflow. The entire process, from reading out the image to displaying it on the screen, takes just seconds. The system can be operated in normal daylight.

    Technical data

    • Technology: reusable imaging plates
    • 1 slot for image plates size 0 – 3
    • Pixel size: 30 µm/60 µm (selectable)
    • Scan resolution: 17 lp/mm
    • Bit depth: 16 bit
    • Connection: Network RJ45
    • Dimensions: 23.3 x 32.8 x 16.8 cm (LWH)
    • Weight : 4 kg

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