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Liquidation object moving floor semi-trailer

Specialized dealers, exporters, producers or end users – We are using every option  to provide a fitting method of liquidation to our clients. Since we know that most objects are loosing on value daily, it is obvious that we will find a way for you to get rid of the item as fast as possible. Year long contacts in all sectors as well as a big stock of regular customers make the finding of a buyer a little easier. Of course the internet is one of our best options for selling objects world wide. For this service we are keeping a provision that is bound to the price of the object we are selling for you. That way we are strengthening our interest with our clients and the debtor.

Are You interested as a buyer on a credit or lease? We like to arrange You to our partner banks and leasing companies. Contact us! Phone +49 (0)7275 9898780.