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Debt Collecting and Claim Management

In case of a debt collection, we are looking for a cooperative solution, where the obligor settle his debts altogether. With the option of confiscicating  assets instantly we are in a favorable position. Even if we are at the location we are able, to calculate how much money the debtor is able to pay. In most cases debtors are trying hard to find ways to get money as soon as the object is taken away and secured. However it is our main target to remain respectful in front of the debtor. We are aiming to higher the  payment behaviour of your customer without hurting the relations between you and him. As an registered debt collection company we are legitimized to handle legal representation in case of an enforced collection next to a pre-trial collection for our customers.

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That way you can request enforcement orders with us and we do all the work! By the way: The fee for default summons is fixed by law on 25 EUR. Furthermore we represent your interests in insolvency proceedings and help you to stay in conformity with the law while collecting your claims.  

RDG: Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz
ZPO: Zivilprozessordnung
RBerG: Rechtsberatungsgesetz