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Leasing is a proven business model. But sadly it does not always work out until the end of the term. If your customer is refusing to pay his bills you have to act immediately. We are contacting your customers if debt or leasing payments suddenly stop. Only that way it is possible to prevent that leased objects do not disappear. We do not mind the size of the objects. Whether its a laptop, a semi trail or a CNC-machining center- we are confiscating almost everything. We are tolerant towards guidelines such as confiscation that are supported by a court bailiff. To provide the best service throughout the whole nation we dispose over a well build partnership with different companies. For example if we have to confiscate telephone systems we are able to use a telecommunication engineer. Important for the value preservation is the proper disassemble and transport of the objects. On the other side is also especially with regard to subsequent claims for damages by the property owner the professional dismantling – ie leaving the “construction place” taking into consideration the traffic safety of electricity, gas, or water connections of great significance.
The transfer of all kind of vehicles is usually no problem, since our drivers own all kinds of licenses. To keep our expenses as low as possible we are trying to use collective transports.

Special Case Insolvency Proceedings

If your debtor becomes insolvent it is important that you stay calm but persistent. That way the insolvency administrator in an opened insolvency proceedings has the choice if he would like to fulfill the contract or not.(§ 103 of the German Insolvency Statute (InsO). In case he chooses not to satisfy the contract the object should immediately be demanded after the non occurrence declaration. We are directly on the spot and help you with the confiscation of the leased objects and provide that nothing is left over.

What we confiscated so far:

Residential containers, Dentist tools, backing ovens, store equipment,  shop counter, embroidery machine, bending machine, notebooks, CAD-software licenses, Computer, Server, register system, Gamma-Camera, industry washing machines, industry dishwashers, pallet saw, sun simulator, vans, car trailer , truck trailer , drying aggregates , prof photography, blood analysis device , cars, tractor units, Trucks 5/7/7,5/12/18/25 t, 4000 m³-wheel loader, telephone systems, industry dryer, riding mower , Quad, motorcycles, driving simulator, injection molding machines, cooking devices, gauge arm, hair-removal device , tattoo removal device, electroluminescent systems, thermal imaging cameras, X-ray machines, ultrasound scanner, diode laser, photocopiers, digital print centers, office furniture, caravan, road sweeper, digital lightning and sound control, disco furniture, brushing machine, labeling machines, large format monitors, large format projectors, MRT-system …