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Especially when we are dealing with big and unhandy machinery it is possible that we safeguard the machine instead of confiscating it to keep the costs as low as possible. If the debtor shows himself in a cooperative way, we have the possibility to “just” safeguard the items of property. . We are basically preventing that unwanted users like the debtor himself get to operate the machine or vehicle. 

For example: A CNC-milling center is firmly installed on the debtors property. By removing certain parts like the control module we are making the item impossible to use. Another way is to stick seals to parts of the machine so its not possible to use the machine without breaking the seal. That way we are making sure that the milling center is not going to be used anymore until the debtor settles his debts or another compromise is found. It is also a good way to change the debtors paying behavior.