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You are the most important thing for us!

Storage areaCar dealerships are also working in the collection business but are mostly interested to sell there own products. Our company is filled with highly motivated employees that are willing to handle your items of property. We are getting the job done by contacting interested parties and selling your object of value as if they were our own.

We know that services are hard to compare. Through the immateriality of a service the interested party has no direct leverage point to evaluate the service of the provider. The service does not own physical reality and it is not possible to look at it or compare it to other offers before the buying decision. The only standpoint of a customer is the promise of performance and maybe trust through different indicators in the capabillity of the service provider.

The service program of the SIVA GmbH

Our range of services includes all confiscations, object protections, storages and liquidations. Our customers include well-known companies for sales and investment financing of mobile assets. We see ourselves as partner of the economy as well as the link between you and your customers.