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OPG MyRay Hyperion X5 3D DVT Air wall model Orthopantomograph Panoramic X-ray unit

    Article: digital 2D/3D panoramic X-ray machine, wall model
    Type: MyRay Hyperion X5 3D Air
    Manufacturer: Cefla SC, Italy
    Year of manufacture: 07/2016


    • Complete examination of both dental arches in single scan for adults and children (reduced collimation). Examinations of the jaw area with maxillary sinuses; local examinations of the region in question
    • High-resolution CBCT examination (80 pm) with possible single scan of the complete dentition (FOV 10×10) or scanning of various limited sections (MultiFOV) for reduced exposure in the area to be examined
    • Short wall column
    • 3 light sights, autofocus (automatic adjustment of the dose to the patient)
    • A single 3D/2D QuickScan sensor
    • MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology)
    • 2D Focus-Free
    • Up to 22 2D programmes
    • Stable positioning facilitated by 3 laser guides
    • Quickpan for beam reduction
    • Multipan (several views possible from one image)
    • Integrated accessory compartment

    Technical data:

    • Theoretical (maximum) resolution at patient level: 6.3 lp/mm (80 µm voxel)
    • Max. Size of image data: 720 MB
    • Scanning time: Super HD: 16.8 s (Best Quality)
      Standard: 9.6 s (Regular)
      QuickScan: 6.4 s (Low Dose)
    • Voltage and frequency: 115 – 240 V single-phase 50 / 60 Hz
    • Maximum current consumption under working conditions: 20 A at 115 V; 12 A at 240 V
    • Minimum dimensions required for operation (L x D): 872 mm x 1030 mm
    • Weight: 99 kg

    Incl. accessories:

    • MyRay remote release (cable)
    • Quart test specimen case with holding system, copper filter Cu 0.8 mm, Cu 1.0 mm, Quart DVTpro v 2.9.10 software (on PC)
    • PC HP Z240 Tower Workstation, Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 @ 3.60 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro
    • EIZO RadiForce Mx215 diagnostic monitor
    • iRYS 9.1 software with dongle, for 2D/3D scans

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