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OPG MyRay Hyperion X5 Air wall model Orthopantomograph Panoramic X-ray unit

    Type: MyRay Hyperion X5 Air
    Manufacturer: Cefla SC, Italy
    Year of manufacture: 07/2015

    Very good condition, fully functional, in use until discontinuation of practical operation.


    • Complete or partial panoramic image, orthogonal panoramic image, QuickPAN, MultiPAN, dentition, frontal and lateral maxillary sinuses (right and left), temporomandibular joint (2 x lateral + 2 x frontal), open and closed mouth. Cephalometric radiograph: skull AP-PA, LL short/long, standard/quick; carpus
    • short wall column
    • 3 light sights, autofocus (automatic adjustment of the dose to the patient)
    • MRI (Morphology Recognition Technology)
    • 15 programmes
    • Quickpan for beam reduction
    • Multipan (several views possible from one exposure)
    • Integrated accessories compartment

    Technical data:

    • Theoretical (maximum) resolution at patient level: 5 – 6.9 lp/mm ( 100-73 µm pixels)
    • Max. Max. image data size: 7.5 MB (single image)
    • Scanning time: PAN: 13.7 s (ORTHO); 12.2 s (STD); 6.8 s (QuickScan)
    • Voltage and frequency: 115 – 240 V single-phase 50 / 60 Hz
    • Maximum current consumption under working conditions: 20 A at 115 V; 12 A at 240 V
    • Minimum dimensions required for operation (L x D): 872 mm x 983 mm
    • Weight: 78 kg

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