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Bakery shop equipment Aichinger ArtLine III sales counter 3.9 m shop counter Baked goods sales counter CoolMaxx HotMaxx CoolBottle, used from 11/2018

    Type: ArtLine III
    Manufacturer: AICHINGER GmbH, Ostring 2, 90530 Wendelstein, Germany
    Purchase according to invoice: 11/2018

    The furniture comes from the renowned manufacturer Aichinger and is characterised by high-quality craftsmanship. The total net order value was EUR 65,000.00. Properly and professionally dismantled, it is stored on pallets in our warehouse and is in very good condition.

    Slice type: ARTLine OK 1252mm I ZP 330mm
    Worktop type: Postforming
    APL depth: 1060
    Front type: Decor
    APL decor edge: A1 MGM_black
    APL postforming: G/A1 MGM_black
    Delivery: table level
    Price strip: EV 1
    Front decor top: E/H3395 ST12_Corbridge natural oak
    Front edge top: H3395 ST12_Corbridge natural oak
    Finish: Standard (V20)
    Front profile: EV 1
    Base strip: EV 1
    Pocket shelf type: 1-tube/Waab CNS

    The shop fittings consist of:


    Free-standing end for modules with glass top, decor-coated chipboard, with 2 mm edges, 8 mm safety glass and aluminium trailing base.
    Glass end side painted in lower area, dimensions 29 x 965/1,050 x 1,252 mm (LWH)

    HotMaxx 11 in tubular steel construction with glass top, HM 11 for installation of heating appliances up to 1 x 1/1 GN, dimensions 520 x 1,000/1,060 x 1,252 mm (LBH)
    Built-in appliance: built-in warming tray HTB 11, top heat adjustable, Gastronorm ceramic tray 1/1 (has one crack), dimensions: 530 x 325 x 60 mm (LBH), black finish

    CoolMaxx VKS 5 triple 1246 Refrigerated counter in tubular steel construction with glass top, for cakes and snacks with built-in circulating-air cooling insert VKS 5 triple for 3 x Euro trays 400x600mm, pre-equipped for connection to an external refrigeration machine, cooling insert with pressure-foamed CNS hygiene tray, powder-coated and liftable evaporator, adjustable energy-saving fans 24V, built-in refrigeration controller, liftable and extendable product display area, dimensions 1. 246 x 1,000/1,060 x 1,252 mm (LBH)
    Equipment: Refrigeration controller with digital display, defrost control and thermostat output, TEV for R134a, without refrigeration unit, defrost water tray: No (fixed connection), built-in unit 1: VKS5 1215

    BasicMaxx BMS-T 846 in tubular steel construction with glass top, goods presentation surface at table level,
    dimensions 846 x 1,000/1,060 x 1,252 mm (LBH)
    Separation left: GLASS SEPARATION. BETWEEN

    BasicMaxx BMS-G-VF 1246 in tubular steel construction with glass top, goods presentation surface sloping, pre-equipped for installation of the intermediate shelf VarioFlip
    Dimensions 1,246 x 1,060 x 1,252 mm (LBH).
    APL shape: Inclined, paper tear-off: Left 500 mm

    End panel for BasicMaxx modules with glass attachment for wall connection with glass side panel, 48 mm wide (allows wiping distance to wall)

    Intermediate shelf VarioFlip 3, swivelling intermediate shelf with LED lighting for 3 Euro trays

    Refrigerated display case with Cool Bottle 60 – Z Special bottle slide, built into the front
    Operating side: drawer with full-extension runner and viewing window for uncomplicated loading; condensation water: with central cooling, on-site drain required;
    Grab & Go: refrigerated display case open to the customer for attractive presentation of chilled beverages; Perfect View: first-class overview of the entire range thanks to sloping presentation level
    Bottle Slider: always well-filled sales front due to automatic sliding of bottles after product removal; positive effect due to perception of a full assortment; attractive product presentation thanks to LED lighting with natural colour rendition, drawer with full extension on the operating side for simple and uncomplicated loading, quick refilling or rapid change of assortment – for immediate reaction to customer demand depending on the time of day
    Quick cleaning: cleaning in no time thanks to removable bottle chute, easy-to-remove plug-in frames, removable drawer pull and fold-up evaporator
    Centrally cooled: E-valve R 134a, lines are led into the side of the installation compartment
    Capacity: 60 pcs. 0.5 1 PET bottles
    Temperature: air 5°C /product M2 / 3
    Connection: 230V 50Hz, 108 watts
    Cooling capacity: 588 W at VT -1 O °C
    Dimensions 600/780 x 900 x 580/617 mm (LBH)

    Back cupboard and bread shelf

    Base unit line

    APL version: Postforming
    Front decor: E/H3395 ST12_Corbridge oak natu
    Handle: Handle strip E2/EV1
    Carcase decor: E/U 708 ST9_light grey
    Depth carcase: 580
    Depth APL: 650
    Plinth version: 100 mm
    Plinth trim: H/9102_Aluminium, brushed matt
    Dimensions 1178 x 650 x 850 mm (LBH)

    Sink base unit with hinged door without basin trim.
    Carcase dimensions: 400 x 530 x 720 mm
    Front: hinged on left
    Installation 1: SB-320x435x155

    Vanity unit with three English pulls
    Cabinet size: 400 x 580 x 720 mm
    Installation opt. 1: English pull
    Installation Opt. 2: English pull
    Installation Opt. 3: English pull
    Front option: 3 x 1/3

    Base unit with hinged door and cover for cup dispenser
    Cabinet dimensions: 340 x 580 x 720 mm
    Front version: 2 cup dispensers 063-98mm 1 hinged door
    Front: hinged on right
    1 intermediate shelf

    Material: Postforming
    Finish: G/A1 MGM_black
    Edge: A1 MGM_black
    Dimensions 1178 x 650 x 850 mm (LBH)

    Rectangular sink in stainless steel, with overflow fitting and stopper
    Outer dimensions: 320 mm long, 435 mm wide, 155 mm deep
    Internal dimensions: 240 mm long, 340 mm wide, 145 mm deep
    Cut-out dimension: 415 x 300 mm

    Single lever faucet, low pressure, all chrome, with swivel spout 160°, flexible connection hoses 3/8″, projection: 225 mm.
    Soap dispenser stainless steel chrome-plated, container with 1,000 ml capacity.
    Lobo II paper towel dispenser, brushed black stainless steel, freely fillable with 600 paper towels, four-point fixing for surface mounting
    Dimensions 351 x 265 x 130 mm (LWD)

    Room partition, 2,700 mm high, 40 mm thick, with floor connection by EV1/EV2 angle 50/20 mm and ceiling connection, decor-coated

    Steel bread shelf, black steel frame, incl. 10 x Al-Wave with LED lighting, 3 x shelf, 3 x Transkorb light, 3 x Rolli for pastry baskets with baskets
    Dimensions 2.600 x 410 x 2.650 mm (LBH)

    Ceiling lighting LED warm white, various spotlights

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