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Keyence Agilista 3200W High Resolution Industrial 3D Printer Material Jetting AR-M2 AR-G1L AR-G1H, used

    Type: Agilista – 3200W
    Manufacturer: Keyence Corporation, Japan
    Date of purchase according to invoice: 18.05.2017
    Operating time: 40,985 h
    Printing time: 1,907 h

    Technical data:

    • Printing material: AR-M2 (transparent printing material), AR-H1
      (heat-resistant printing material),
      AR-G1L (silicone rubber [low hardness]),
      AR-G1H (silicone rubber [high hardness])
    • Support material: AR-S1 (water-soluble support material)
    • Installation space: 297 × 210 × 200 mm (A4 size × 200 mm)
    • Resolution: 635 × 400 dpi
    • Layer thickness: High resolution AR-M2: 15 µm, normal
      resolution AR-M2: 20µm, AR-H1: 20µm, AR-G1L/H: 30µm
    • Interface: Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
    • Operation: colour touch panel
    • Dimensions 95 x 70 x 136 cm
    • Weight 188 kg

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