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EMS-Training System miha bodytec II EMS Training Equipment Fitness Machine, used from 2018

EMS system
Type: bodytec II
Supplier/Manufacturer: miha bodytec GmbH, Gersthofen, Germany
Purchase date: 27.07.2018

incl. extensive accessories:

  • Floor stand with grab handle
  • i-body V electrode system, size: 2
  • Set i-body cable
  • 2 i-body cable, size 1
  • 2 i-body cable, size 2
  • 2 i-body cable, size 3
  • i-body strap, pair, size: 1
  • i-body strap, pair, size: 2
  • i-body belt, size: 2
  • Transponder card miha bodytec II


  • High-quality aluminium body
  • Large colour display with high resolution
  • Training data memory with RFID transponder technology
  • Virtual Coach in 3D-Animation
  • Future-proof due to update options
  • Networkable for synchronous operation
  • Customizable and freely configurable
  • 10 channels
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, USB

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