Fiber laser DFL Ventus Marker 20-ZM-EP PLe with F-Theta 163, Magic Mark V3, laser station workstation Professional PLe, Y-axis, rotary module, suction, used from 2019

Type: fiber laser DFL Ventus Marker 20-ZM-EP PLe
Manufacturer: ACI Laser GmbH, 99428 Grammetal (
year of manufacture: 2019

functionally tested and professionally disassembled by the manufacturer

The DFL Ventus Marker is excellent for marking metals. This powerful fiber laser offers variable pulse widths for demanding applications. Due to its first-class beam quality, excellent marking results can be achieved. All optical, electronic and mechanical components of the laser are installed in a compact housing. The laser head can be removed if required.


  • Business Fibre product series (fiber laser – variable pulse shape)
  • Marking field 110 mm x 110 mm (F-Theta 163)
  • integrated focus finder
  • integrated pilot laser with bounding box and rubber band function for precise and easy setup

The system consists of:

  1. fiber laser DFL Ventus Marker 20-ZM-EP PLe
  2. fiber laser head IC
  3. supply unit 10-40W
  4. housing Ventus black
  5. lens F-Theta 163, focus diameter approx. 35 µm
  6. marking software Magic Mark V3 – Business Edition
  7. laser station Workstation Professional PLe
  • ergonomic tabletop manual workstation 105 x 76 x 105 cm (LBH)
  • T-slot clamping plate: 600 mm x 600 mm
  • motorized z-axis with additional x-portal (400 mm travel)
  • optional traversing via control panel or software
  • maximum height of parts to be marked: 440 mm
  • focus finder, interior lighting
  • integrated laser protection window
  • comfort control panel
  • electrically opening safety door
  • connection for external suction
  • moving suction nozzle (suction nozzle fixed under the laser system with flexible hose connection – follows all movements of the gantry, suction effect always close to the exposure point)
  1. special version: base frame for Workstation Professional (closed at the back as well as on the left or right side), monitor arm mountable on the left or right side, pull-out table for keyboard and mouse
  1. Y-axis Workstation Professional
  • for enlarging the marking field in y-direction to 350 mm when using the 163 F-Theta lens (110 mm x 110 mm)
  • including T-slot clamping plate (size: 615 mm x 430 mm)
  • max. permissible weight: 25 kg with uniform surface scanning
  1. rotary module industry WS
  • including control electronics and segmentation software for circumferential marking of rotationally symmetrical parts
  • automatic segmentation of texts, logos and graphics
  • with three-jaw chuck and quick clamping ring, clamping jaws type A and B
  • clamping diameter – inside: 26…80 mm, outside: max. 76 mm
  1. extraction filter unit LN 260 ZA
  • special filter unit for extraction of pollutants (material-dependent-solid, liquid, gaseous aerosols) generated during laser processing
  • the exchangeable filter stages include pre-filter for coarse particles, HEPA filter for dangerous fine dust and active carbon filter for absorption of gaseous substances
  • sound level approx. 62 dB(A)

Technical data

  • Laser type: diode-pumped fiber laser (Yb:fiber), MOPA system
  • Mode of operation: pulsed
  • Wavelength: 1064 ± 5 nm
  • Laser power (max.): 20 W
  • beam quality M2: > 1.3 to > 3.7, system dependent
  • Pulse peak power (max.): 9-20 kW, system dependent
  • Pulse energy: 0.7-1.3 mJ, system dependent
  • Number of adjustable pulse shapes/lengths: 2-40, system-dependent
  • Pulse repetition frequency: 1 kHz-1 MHz, system-dependent
  • Transport fiber: 3 m
  • Laser class: 4
  • F-Theta objective: 163 mm
  • marking field size: 110 x 110 mm
  • focal shift: ± 4 mm
  • Power consumption 600 W
  • Weight laser head: 8 kg
  • Dimensions laser head (LxWxH): 595 x 203 x 140 mm