DS SolidWorks 3D CAD Software License Premium Standard PDM Professional Licenses

Objects: DS SolidWorks Licenses
Manufacturer: Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
Subscription expired 31.10.2018

1x SOLIDWORKS Premium single-user license
Part and Assembly Construct Tone, Drawing Derivation, SimulationXpress, DFMXpress, DriveWorksXpress, FlowXpress, SustainabilityXpress, MotionManager, RealView and 3D ContentCentral, FeatureWorks, PhotoView 360, Toolbox, Utilities, eDrawings Professional, Design Checker, Task Scheduler, Costing (single parts), Workgroup PDM, Routing, TolAnalyst, CircuitWorks, ScanTo3D, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, additionally Costing (assemblies), SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

2x SOLIDWORKS Standard single-user license
Part and assembly construction, drawing derivation, SimulationXpress, DFMXpress, DriveWorksXpress, FlowXpress, SustainabilityXpress, MotionManager, RealView and 3D ContentCentral, additional FeatureWorks and Utilities

3x SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor is a data management solution that provides designers with an easy way to collaborate on product designs without worrying about version control, part usage verification, or data loss. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional stores CAD modules and accompanying documents – from e-mails to images – in a central indexed database that captures versions and automates workflows. This avoids search effort and duplication of work.

1x Solidpro Connect ERP SOLIDWORKS
Solidpro Standard ERP coupling between SOLIDWORKS
PDM Professional and your ERP system.
– Transfer article master from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to your ERP system.
– Transfer article master from your ERP system to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
– Search for ERP articles directly from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
– Transfer of the CAD parts list from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to your ERP system


Implement your designs quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and benefit from the advantages of these powerful
Design and manufacturing solution.

– Direct data release to suppliers and customers who also use SOLIDWORKS.
– Avoidance of time-consuming and error-prone data translation
– Development of any design, including highly complex parts and extremely large assemblies
– Creation of 2D drawings with automatic view generation, parts lists and all functions for highly detailed drawings
– Automatic check for interference and misalignment prior to manufacturing
– Automated design and drawing creation with integrated configurability tools
– Rendering and animation capabilities to create images and videos of constructions in action
– Thanks to SOLIDWORKS 3D-Interconnect, you can work directly with other than SOLIDWORKS CAD data without the need to translate the files.
– Cost savings and less rework by verifying the manufacturability of designs and immediately locating interferences prior to manufacturing
– Create CNC toolpaths using industry-leading CAM tools with CAMWorks technology, including an intelligent database of machining rules and even the ability to automatically create CNC programs for your design (with a SOLIDWORKS subscription).


SOLIDWORKS Premium unites the functions of SOLIDWORKS Standard with the powerful tools for Simulation and design testing, advanced cable and piping routing capabilities, and advanced Functions for Interface Processing:

– File management tools
– Extended photorealistic rendering – SOLIDWORKS Visualize
– Automatic estimation of production costs
– eDrawings Professional Collaboration Features
– reverse engineering tools
– Automatic design and drawing verification
– Automatic task scheduling and batch processing
– tolerance analysis
– ECAD/MCADTools for Collaboration
– Comprehensive components and parts library
– motion analysis
– Structural analysis of parts and assemblies
– Environmental Impact Assessment – SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
– Pipe and hose guides
– Laying electrical cables and wiring harnesses
– cable routing
– Enhanced interface processing

To transfer a license, the buyer must pay a subscription service contract retroactively from 01.11.2019 + 1 year into the future, calculated from license transfer.