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MSK-MRI-System Esaote S-scan Muscle-Skeleton-MRI Magnetic Resonance Tomograph with HF-Cabin Langenberg, used from 2012

Manufacturer: Esaote SpA
Type: S-scan
Purchase date: 06/2012
with standard patient bed, magn. Probe unit + box, accessory cabinet with many coils

incl. sound-insulating cabin
Manufacturer: Langenberg GmbH
Special design with closed sheets, thus higher attenuation 90 -110 dB (otherwise approx. 70 dB)
Dimensions approx. 442 x 327 x 240 cm (LBH)
with lighting and 4 connections for air conditioning, with comb filters


  • maintenance-free, open permanent magnet, field strength 0.25 Tesla
  • independent system with low space requirement (recommended room size 20 m²)
  • low power consumption – less than 3 kW (normal 230 V connection is sufficient)
  • ergonomic, rotating patient table, load capacity 200 kg
  • predefined sequences and protocols
  • Extensive image display, analysis and development tools
  • Possibility of remote maintenance
  • incl. coil set see photos (e.g. DPA coil – hand/wrist, DPA coil – knee, XL Flex L-Spine DPA coil – spine, coil – shoulder)
  • Software Esaote Opi Release 1.3C E-MRI Brio BUILD_8

It is an MRI scanner that completely represents the musculoskeletal anatomy from the feet to the shoulders. The system is perfectly adapted to the requirements of an efficient and economical health care system and is therefore a sensible choice for practices with a high number of musculoskeletal examinations.

User-friendliness, simple patient workflow, cost-effectiveness and outstanding image quality. The Esaote S-scan has been developed to meet these requirements. The system offers an open design for fast and easy patient positioning, real-time gantry display, DICOM worklist, network integration. It is cryogen-free and requires little space. This makes it an efficient and economical MRI system, whether you perform one or twenty examinations per day.

Esaote is a specialist and global market leader for MSK-MRT. Esaote systems are used daily in clinics and hospitals all over the world for routine examinations and research projects. They are characterized by their outstanding user-friendliness with outstanding image quality and optimal comfort for the patient.

The system is dismantled ready for transport and is in our warehouse. A crane and a minimum 18-t truck is required for removal (estimated weight MRI, electronic cabinet and HF cab: 10 t).

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Medical and laboratory

Orange PaX-i HD+ digital panorama x-ray machine orthopantomograph OPG OPT dental, used from 2016

Digital panoramic X-ray unit (OPG)
Type: PaX-i HD+
Manufacturer/Supplier: orangedental GmbH & Co. KG, 88400 Biberach a. d. Riß, Germany
Purchase date: 22.03.2016

The PaX-i HD+ is the digital HighEnd OPG with full equipment.
Autofocus and ultra HD option offer highest image quality.
The special programs [TMJ/Sinus/Bite wing] are for professionals with highest demands.

  • Positioning Face to Face
  • direct recording control by PC
  • Standard panorama programs,
  • Center Mode, Incisor Mode, Sine Mode, Child Shooting Mode
  • TMJ jaw joint images

incl. Byzz software, type approval/CE, instructions, test specimen set Pano

Location: 26135 Oldenburg

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