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BioDot AD3220 Aspirate Dispense System Laboratory dosing device, used from 2020

    Aspiration and dispensing system
    Typ: AD3220
    Hersteller: BioDot Inc., 2852 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606, USA,
    Year of construction: 2020

    BioDot’s AD3220 system is designed for high-speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides, microtiter plates, membranes or any custom surface. This tabletop platform is ideal for R&D environments, but still provides enough dispense area for pilot scale production.


    • Aspirate/Dispense and Direct Dispense
    • Motorized X, Y, Z Axes
    • Dispense area of 420 x 260 mm
    • Dispense onto Slides, Plates or Membranes
    • Integrated Wash/Vacuum Station
    • Vision LITE camera system for positioning
    • ILD5000 In-Line Degasser
    • PC Control Workstation with LINK2020 Software
    • R&D and Production Throughput
    • Footprint 800 x 425 x 350 mm


    • Biosensor / BioChip
    • Microarray
    • Lateral Flow (multiplex)
    • DNA, Cell, Protein Dispensing
    • Multiplex ELISAs
    • Lab-on-a-Chip
    • Microfluidic
    • Low Volume PCR

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